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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Heart Journal Page for March

I've struggled a bit with my March page for the Heart Journal....this is how it started, I loved the papers I found in magazines (mostly Oprah).

Got it to this point, still loving what I did....but....I wasn't thinking and missed the step of using water to wipe a bit of acrylic paint away and I put clear gloss on it.
Didn't like it at all any more  :(
Peeled it off and started anew!  I don't usually trash something, but I was so ticked about what I'd done.....
However, my only regret now was that I didn't copy the words to that poem! 

Below is the new page, on the right.  January (front cover) and February-in the middle. 

Close up of the March page.  I used a doily stamp in the top right, a heart stamp with cascading marks, and a word stamp with the letter L... for love  :)  They are a bit hard to see, but really pretty irl. 

I'm hoping to follow along with the journal throughout the year.  You can join in and start yours by following instructions here:    http://artjournal2012.blogspot.ca/

Hope you're having a great weekend  :)  it's quite sunny in the Cariboo this morning!


  1. oh my goodness Nancy.. these hearts are stunning! Despite you having to a problematic start... look what you have created!! What a lovely idea!! thanks for sharing!

  2. pretty pretty hearts dear Nancy...I have fallen behind in the heART journal challenge

    I am enjoying catching up with all of your creativity!

    You've been busy!

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