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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Road Trip, a Project and a Card

Well, I'm back from another little trip to Chetwynd and thought I'd share a couple of pics with you and at the end....there's always a card  :)

Heading toward the Pine Pass.

In the Pass, lots of snow, but the roads were just slushy. 

Getting very close to Chetwynd, much nicer up there  :) 
Hardly any snow and even tho we did get a couple of inches, it was quite nice most of the time.  I had a great time with the two families!

Forgot to take pics of this little Valentines project that I made for the kids, so did it while there. 
I used the heart pattern from my Heart Journal, 'podged' it, put paper on it, edged in acrylic, dry embossed some metal tape and added alcohol inks. The little initial square is a pocket, the letter is on a piece of transparency, the little window frame is sprayed with gimmer mist and finally I added the chain to hang it on the door handle.

Also, I'm back to teaching classes and here is one of the cards we are making.  I love something that is a bit out of the ordinary.  This card is 5" x 6".

It folds flat for mailing.  I made the little fimo squares.

A lovely little tag for the pocket.

And heaven forbid I throw anything away.  I just had to save the cute little cut-outs, lol.

Have a great weekend and please come back for a visit another day  :)


  1. Love that card... would love to have you show me how its done.. Take Care

  2. OH how I would have loved to be there for that class !!Love that card !!Great job!

  3. I love your hearts. They are very beautifull. I've never seen something like them. It's seems like fun to make them. Thanks for your inspiration.